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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm back


Sorry for the long hiatus. Today I was doing maintenance on my 3D printer, and it inspired me to get back to blogging here. In the past year, I have been focused on two main things:

1. I started teaching again. It has been great to be back in the classroom. I love my school and my students and I am excited to put some project ideas into use. I am especially excited taht this Fall I get to teach a new elective (21st Century Technology), and that I am working to build a Makerspace in my classroom. Support my project on DonorsChoose if you are interested.

2. I am working on starting a Makerspce in Benicia. We have been hosting monthly meetups and have formed a nonprofit organization. Last night our grant proposal got approved for funding, so hopefully we are on the way to finding a space and opening Benicia Makerspace.

I am excited to post again. Stay tuned for posts about the progress with Benicia Makerspace, introducing #MakerEd in my classroom, as well as new projects I plan to begin.