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Monday, May 27, 2013

Veteran's Day: Veterans History Project

Today as we honor veterans, I wanted to share an interesting resource - Veterans History Project

This project provides access to first hand accounts from veterans and civilians from the following wars:
World War I (1914-1920) World War II (1939-1946) Korean War (1950-1955) Vietnam War (1961-1975) Persian Gulf War (1990-1995) Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts (2001-present)

Looking through the site today, I just found out that my great-aunt was a Second Lieutenant, Army Nurse Corps Veteran in World War II, 1939-1945.  I had no idea.  Unfortunately, the site seems to have some technical issues and I can't get more information about her right now since the link gives me a 502: Proxy Error.  But I am hopeful that these issues will be addressed.

Looking through the photos and letters today is a powerful reminder to honor our veterans for their service to the country today.  

I was also impressed by the resources for students and educators to support them to conduct interviews of veterans to add to the collection.

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