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Friday, June 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Quilt

My youngest son is in kindergarten.  I have been helping out in the classroom a lot this year.  We wanted to make a present for the teacher for the end of the year.  We were inspired by the Q is for quilt project where each student drew a picture and put it up onto the wall as part of a classroom quilt.  So we decided to make a real quilt using the same drawings.  I was tasked with making it.

The first step was the "borrow" the classroom quilt for a weekend.  We told the custodian and I took it home so I could scan all of the pictures.  I almost got caught when I was putting it back on Monday.  Thankfully it was the two other kindergarten teachers and not ours.

After I scanned them all, I printed the pictures out onto fabric using my home printer and ink jet fabric sheets that I got from Amazon.  I played with the prints to decide on a design and then went to buy the other fabric.

And then did the sewing.  I am so happy with how it came out.

My son told me that he thinks it will touch her heart.  I hope so.  He has had an amazing year with her and she is a wonderful teacher.

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